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From January 2021 Listening practices will be offering monthly membership on the 'Myofascial flow' including weekly classes on zoom, monthly zoom lecture on the current theme, monthly email explaining the current exercises and theme, and 25% off for private body reading and the monthly zoom workshop. This will be offered until summer to begin with, and seing how the situation is in Norway, see if the classes will be moved to a studio or continue on Zoom. This is the weekly schedule, register for your preferred class on the contact form or to info@listeningpractices.net. January offer is 500NOK. Warmly welcome!

Wednsday 06:45- 07:45

08:00- 09:15 11:00-12:15

18:00- 19:15




06:45- 07:45

08:00- 09:15 Advanced class

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