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The ‘Myofascial training’ class is a fascia related training and has roots in yoga, pilates and ‘Slings Myofascial training’.
In the practice the focus is especially on how we can find nourishing movements for our body's fascia system, while we also work with strenght and flexibility.

Open level class, borrow massage balls or bring your own if you have. Any questions, feel free to write me!

The current weekly classes are with seniors in Oslo, at Villa Holtet:

Monday at 10, 11 and 12

Thursday at 11 and 12

and Nordseter Gård:

Monday at 14

Tuesday at 11 and 12

Friday 11 and 12 


'Myofascial Bodyreading' is a chance to create your own practice personal to you, or find exercises and focuses you can add to your practice if you already have one. 

In a body reading session, I will look at your posture and share some observations with you. From there I will show some exercises with and without massage balls that can be beneficial for your balance and tensegrity. 

Depending on how much time you can and want to invest in your practice, we create a program that will work for you. 

I offer body reading both on Zoom and at your house if its in Oslo or close to Oslo. 

Registration and questions or use the contact form, welcome!

Price on Zoom/ at your home:

90 minutes 850NOK/ 1150NOK

Package of 90min x 3times 2200NOK/ 2800NOK



'Myofascial training' workshop

This workshop is a deeper dive into the practice and offers a theoretical introduction to the understanding of the myofascial lines in the body, how we can move intentionally with them and take care of our fascia with movement in a way that promotes a healthy fascia now and later in life. 
The workshop is a good foundation to attend the classes, and can also be good knowledge to include in any movement practice you may have. 


In this workshop there will both be theory and movement, we will end the day with a nourishing class to experience the myofascial lines in our moving body.
Participation fee: 750 NOK

To bring: a mat, clothes to move (I recommend not so loose clothes for when we roll on the massage balls) warm clothes for the lecture part, and massage balls if you have. I have some for borrowing. 

Registration and questions to or via the contact form

Warmly welcome!



Moving meditation
- listening with contact improvisation


if you like information on the next practice you can sign up for the email letter, just use the contact form and I will add you there :)

Every Monday at 19:00-20:30 there is a practice of meditativ contact improvisation at PRESENCEyoga studio. Everyone is welcome no matter previous movement or meditation background. These evenings are a simple practice of embodied presence. A merge of body awareness, meditation and contact improvisation dance. You will be invited to both be still and move alone, and with each other. The focus is to feel landed and home in our bodies and move from there. Always space for resting on the side if needed, and you are most welcome to stay a while for tea in Oslos perhaps coziest yoga studio <3 any questions or wonderings, please feel free to write me at or use the contact form. Warmly welcome! 

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