Founder of Listening Practices, Ama, realized that listening was such a central part of her work in all fields, that it felt meaningful for her to share her different listening practices in the three main areas of this little company: dance, myofascial flow and permaculture.



She offers workshops and classes within the three fields, and you can find info on the ones this year under 'events' or write an email if you want to invite her for your place, retreat or festival.


The 'Myofascial flow' class is a fascia focused movement training and has roots in yoga, pilates and 'Slings Myofascial training'. In the practice the focus is especially on how we can find nourishing movements for our body's fascia system, while we also work with strength and flexibility. We use a mat and in some exercises massage balls, yoga blocks and yoga band.

The background for this training is many years of research by manual therapist and 'structural integrator' Tom Meyers with the concept of 'Anatomy trains' and the 12 fascia lines through the body. He has worked with understanding how we use and can take care of our fascia/ connective tissue from a manual therapist point of view. Around ten years ago, after studying with Tom Meyers, Karin Gurtner started to research and implement the principles of the 'fascia lines' into her already existing work with pilates and yoga. The result is the international school 'Art of Motion Academy' with 'Slings Myofascial Training' which is set together to work with strength, flexibility, and also hydration, elasticity and glide in the fascia. 
If you want to read more about the understanding of the lines, you find info on their web pages:


With a background in contact improvisation dance and vipassana meditation, Ama started up weekly classes where the two were merged together into an moving and still exploration of the present moment alone and in relation to the other in the space. 'Moving meditation- listening with contact improvisation' has evolved since the start and is still a practice in change, although some elements are always there such as guided meditation in stillness, movement explorations where you are invited for different focuses and structures both alone, in duos and groups. Alternating between the still and the moving and often merging into a more open dance exploration in the end. The space is opened and ended with a little circle for the group to connect and have the opportunity to share from the experience if needed or wanted. There is no need for any previous experience in meditation or dance to participate, this is a mixed background practice. Welcome!! 


Mostly Ama offers guidance in the process of establishing a permaculture edible garden or project, she also gives lectures when invited for it :)

At times there is also different upcycled project for sale, the fabric bulk bags are currently sold out, but a little tutorial on the blog will come up for how you can make your own from old fabrics, like a curtain the dog ate the corner of...